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Commonly used wall switch installation four note

Jan 21, 2017

Wall switch is closely related to our life, useful to place the wall switch of the power supply socket, let us look at the classification of household switched socket:
Normal switches: single, double, three open.
Dual-control switch: 2 switches in different locations can be controlled in the same light.
Luminous switch fluorescent or light led on the switch, convenient location at night.
Dimmer switch: switches a knob can adjust the light intensity.
10A: meet the limit for the ordinary electric power within the family.
16A: meet the air conditioning and other high-power electrical appliances within the family.
Socket with switch: control socket sense power; can also be used alone as switch.
Blank Panel used to cover the reserved check box on the wall, or renounce the use of wall hole.
Cassette: mounted on the wall, walking line you want to embed.
Information outlets: a telephone, computer, TV socket.
, Telephone, cables, plug the module behind the standard.
Second, kitchen sockets to practical use.
Third, all appliances on the wall, if you want to install, install if it is not white, and this is necessary for access.
Four, study to consider the position of desks and cable when wiring.