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How can I tell if wall switch is good or bad?

Jan 21, 2017

With the progress of time, wall switch brands is constantly increasing, and many of the wall switch the owner for personal gain, in the product's body began to cut corners. Today, small series to tell everyone about how to identify the wall switch is good or bad.

A shell material

Main wall switch brands on the market generally used PC, PC again called bulletproof plastic, impact resistance, high temperature resistance, difficult to change characteristics are important for the control of electrical wall switch. Better switch the front panel and the back of the base is made of PC and switch on the base with a black nylon material replaces the PC material, so that costs can be much lower.

Second, contact

Contact is in the process of switching point of contact of the conductive parts. Contact depends on the size (bigger is better), depends on the material.
 Wall switch contacts there are three main types, from good to bad rankings: Silver-nickel alloy > Silver-cadmium alloy > sterling silver.

Pure silver contacts are not suitable conductivity good, but silver soft texture, are easily oxidized (like silver jewelry for a long time will turn black). Soft, switch the contact deformation of the oxide conductivity of rust will be a lot worse, rust is also easy to heat, it is easy to burn the contacts.

Third, the structure

Now, mainly large-Panel, look-and-feel all thumbs were better than before. -Thumb's biggest problem is easy to get stuck, because the torque is shorter, switching range is small, spring a little Microsoft or perfect, and could cause switch stuck

In addition, household appliances power more and more now, to wall switch ohmic load is relatively high, especially in the electrical power of the moment (many poor were burned by momentary high current when the switch is powered on). Good switch should be able to pass the wall of above 16A current, whereas the average maximum current 10A.