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Pre-sales service after the sale are forging brand switch socket important weapon

Jan 21, 2017

In today's competitive market, after sales service is no longer the work before, but switch and socket part of the overall brand, is the focus of the market.
Pre-sales service after the sale is an important weapon forging switch Sockets brand aftermarket pre-sales service for enterprises to win the market, customers, reputation, earned profits. Sometimes pre-after-sale service has been the main profit mode. To provide users with high quality and perfect after-sale service before sale is forging brand and brand guarantee. Pre-after-sale service for enterprises, what does that mean? will be briefly described below. Perfect after-sale service before sale can reduce the risk and loss of customers, establishing and maintaining the company's wall switch suits and switch the reputation and image of the brand, we already know the quality's role in forging switch Sockets brand, quality is the cornerstone of brand switch socket, lifeline. But many factors that affect the quality, so "perfect" and "zero defect" can only be a pursuit of the enterprise, such as an ideal goal, any product to truly be perfect.
Especially in industrial production, consumer income level increases, switch socket under increasingly demanding quality of brand products, enterprises should ensure that their products sold in complete customer satisfaction, is out of the question.