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Switch socket preferred security

Jan 21, 2017

In the process of home improvement, switch socket is often considered the least important aspect. According to China Statistical Yearbook on fire (2000) showed that the total number of fire due to electrical fire causes 26. 1%, switch socket of quality and installation issues is one important cause of electrical fires. Selection switch socket products, a few points:

1, Terminal: common traditional screw terminals and from Japan introduced and an increasingly popular quick connect terminal two, while the latter is difficult, but the use of more reliable and wiring is simple and fast, even non-professional workers, simply plug the wire into the Terminal hole, the connection is completed, and will never fall off. Compare with quick connect terminal, screw terminal connection quality can be easily under the influence of construction technology, and after the wiring, prone in case of vibration or external force pulls loose, causing virtual connection or even fall off.

2, switch hand: texture consumers judge switches the simple way. Good switch spring stiffer, more sense of power when the switch while switch is very soft, and often stopped in the middle of the switch handle.

3, the fluorescent switch: General paint and power supply led fluorescent switch type (such as a neon lamp), the former lower prices, but because the phosphor is relying on the outside world light reserve the amount of light that shines, outside in the evening after the light disappeared, soon runs out of energy, and cannot play a role in fluorescence. Regular firm products generally use the power of technology, can glow for a long time, the price is relatively expensive, suitable for high-grade decoration, or specific locations, such as room entrance, bathroom lights, stairs, etc.

4, copper materials: copper, although they cannot see at time of purchase, but essential for the socket. Judged the easiest way is to try plug plug properly, and then use the hand, the outlet was a little heavy.

5, insulation: insulating material for switch socket security is very important, but consumers are more difficult to judge, while combustion experiments can do to its core components course, if no conditions, from their appearance, good material is generally more solid texture, it's hard to scratch, forming highly structured, and the weight is heavy.