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Switch socket to focus on detail design

Jan 21, 2017

At home, sockets and switches are very modest step, but these small steps are closely related to people's daily lives. Owing to the covert project, once the design is in place, take line projects larger than trouble, cables or use a power strip is not only beautiful, but also later in life will bring a lot of inconvenience. Therefore, must communicate with the designer in the early, seeking to switch and socket design back in place.
 Communicating with owners is important

Switch and socket design, detailed design, many people will ignore the link, but living life, dealing with this aspect of the frequencies are very frequent, switch and socket design is reasonable, if convenient, a great influence on living. Therefore, designers in the design before, require full communication with owners, owners ' need to know.

Although some owners don't really know what they want, but the designers to have fully taken into account the details of life. Yuen Chau Jimei branch senior designer, decorative Nie Ying said, switch socket set, we must first fully understand the owner's lifestyle, by talking to the living environment of the owners and about whether owners are special interests. For example, some owners will be when the toilet reading, in the habit of drinking red wine while soaking bathtubs in design when the switches, sockets, you need near the toilet set the light source, and set the temperature control to consider whether the edge of the tub, and requires a small fridge and other details.

According to the owner's habits and needs, financial conditions and inputs, as well as to finalize the entire design, designers continue to communicate with the owners, whether the owners really need this kind of design. Only really understand the habits of the owner, can truly meet the needs of the owner switch and socket system is designed, so as to give property owners living thoughtful conveniences.

Decoration style match

On the early selection of switch plates and Sockets, switches with white black silver, consumers in a production to be considered when purchasing colors, styles and furniture and decoration style match.

When selecting a switch panel, generally do not identify the brand, such as shape, texture, color, texture, and so on, and the switch panel color is usually white, gray, black, sometimes with the whole decoration style match. Retro-style decoration, if the switch panel is white, there is a big difference, and also has an impact on the overall decorative style. In General, you can choose to switch with a Crystal Panel, by sandwich style in the same or similar decorative wallpaper or wall covering, and shield-shaped.

From the standpoint of human comfort, sockets are generally placed at a distance of 30-35 cm, is said to be the height of people still acted like a most comfortable, but Nie Ying said, taking into account the floors and decorative style, kitchen and bathroom outlets with appropriate changes, such as kitchen 80-85 cm high waist line, may consider appropriate to increase or decrease the switch panel, to strengthen the thematic d├ęcor.

Carefully designed to facilitate

If you want to ensure the sustainability of design 3-5, it is necessary to foresee 3-5 owners living in the pattern of which are particularly vulnerable to changes in place, such as the location of your water dispenser. Owner will consider near a sofa, but the whole living room layout designer reference, taking into account the sofa can have several display modes, set socket switch position based on this consideration, as far as possible not because of space change and have an impact on the whole decoration.