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Teaches you how to identify authenticity of wall switch brands

Jan 21, 2017

Switch and socket range on the market, mixed, leading consumers to choose very difficult. Well-known switch brands because of its high reputation, good sales, and consumer confidence in its recurrent by some manufacturers to copy. Because switch socket outlets investment cost, which is full of fakes on the market. Buy fake goods is not only a waste of money, and more importantly switch socket quality of threatening the safety of a family, so it must not be underestimated. So how do you identify its authenticity?
Generally, fake or defective in your hand feels very good, special light, and really have a certain quality. Consumers can weigh weight in the store to confirm the authenticity, as long as the switch is not made of steel frame, all switch socket brand of weight should be about. Whether true or false switch socket was fire blackened, but really switch socket just a touch, the black will disappear.