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Wall switch-up dual controlled wiring methods

Jan 21, 2017

Find a red wire connecting two terminals on the wall switch (or by terminals), and in the middle of a branch line and connect one end of the lamp, the zero line at the other end of the lamp. Both wall switch into the line of fire, and in the Terminal (or Terminal under), but not in the middle of the Terminal. (If the switch upstairs with Jack on the left side, then the wire can use a brown or black wire), check the wire does not touch on the cover of the switch box cover and put this wire is connected to one terminal of the lamp, then a blue wire connect lamp at the other end. This circuit wiring features:
 1, one of the double line of wire, led branch line connected to one end of the lamp in the middle. (Traditional double double control circuit is not allowed in a double line drawn branch line).

2, two switches are in the line of fire, and can only be connected to the Terminal (or Terminal under), this makes the lights and two wall switch of the three terminals on the zero line of the measured voltage is 220V.