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9 Places Must Stay In The Socket!

Sep 28, 2017

9 places must stay in the socket!

Summed up the nine decoration recommended to be reserved for the place where the power outlet, there have been many people regret the socket to stay less, plans to decorate a friend to see where the nine places?

1, weak power box near the power outlet

Weak inside the box or near the location must have a power outlet for the cat or router power supply; if there is no weak box, it is necessary to see your home from the outdoor network cable or fiber can reach what position, inside the entrance inside the cabinet , TV cabinet inside Ye Hao, where there will be at least a power supply for the bureau (China Unicom, mobile, telecommunications, etc.) people come, the cat installed on you, you can pick up your router.

2, the entrance cabinet sets of electrical outlet

In the entrance cabinet set up a power supply, can be charged for mobile phones, you can also install an induction lighting, etc., there will be a lot of useful.

3, the sofa on both sides of the power outlet

If you have determined the width of the sofa, you can stay on both sides of the sofa to leave a power outlet, the role is to give the floor lamp to provide power, mobile phone charging, or tea when the coffee table on the tea power supply; , If your sofa is electrically adjusted, this is the option.

4, the balcony of the power outlet

Regardless of whether your balcony has made a decision to take on what role, the balcony to reserve a socket will bring a lot of convenience for future life, for example, you can always move into a treadmill, a fan , A floor lamp or a tea sea, etc., do not have no power and regret it; of course, if the balcony designed into a laundry room, this is a must.

5, gas stove below the power outlet

Today, there are many models of gas stoves began to use the power outlet power supply, it is said that this will also be the future of an intelligent kitchen electric trend, more convenient hood and stove to achieve linkage, that stove boot, the smoke machine will start, And will automatically adjust the wind according to the size of the vitality of the wind, so that the stove need power supply; of course, if you want to use the cooker, and even need 16A power outlet, the general socket can not be used. Therefore, the design of the cabinet, it is necessary in the stove below the reserve of a power outlet. Of course, if the gas stove below the need to install disinfection cabinet or dishwasher and the like, you need to set aside the power outlet.

6, the sink below the power outlet

Kitchen sink under the reserved power has reached a consensus, but need to reserve a few? Depends on your planning, in general, where you can install the equipment are: water machine, garbage processor and kitchen treasure, you can also install the softener and dishwasher in this position, in short, to see you want to use Which equipment, but the reservation of a power outlet is seriously recommended.

7, the toilet next to the power outlet

Toilet next to a power outlet has been agreed to reach a consensus, in the future regardless of the installation of smart toilet or install the smart toilet cover, are essential.

8, a location under the roof of the power outlet

If you plan to install a camera in a location in your home in the future, you also need to consider how to power it. For example, if you want to install a camera in a living room or in a wall, you need to move on the front door, Place a power outlet on the top of the wall to place a power outlet in order to power the camera.

9, the blank at the power outlet

If there is a long wall inside the house, or a bay window, or a corner, you may not have figured out how to use this place in the end, then, it does not matter, you can set aside a power outlet, because the socket can let This area is a reading angle, or placed a table, or in the future for the vacuum cleaner and sweeping robots like to charge are still practical use.