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Although The Switch Socket Is Not The Same As Home Appliances Is Big

Jul 01, 2017

  Although the switch socket is not the same as home appliances is "big", but the relationship between the daily safety of the family, but also to protect the safety of the family's first line of defense, so the choice of switch socket when absolutely not sloppy. Electric experts special remind, different places with different types of switches, sockets. Children with a family, in order to prevent children with finger touch or metal objects poke the socket hole, you have to use the insurance cover with a safety socket.

  Look at the brand

  According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 1,500 domestic enterprises in the production of switch socket products, the quality of products between the huge differences, because many ordinary consumers do not have the means to identify the merits of the product, coupled with the switch socket brand awareness is limited, To some unscrupulous businessmen to bring living space, some fake and shoddy products into the market. Of course, many large enterprises are very concerned about their brand image, the higher the quality of the product requirements, after-sales service is also relatively guaranteed, quality assurance is usually not less than 12 years. So, in order to be assured, switch socket is best to choose a large company or a better reputation of the brand.

  Look at the appearance

  Panel should be uniform color, smooth surface, no depression, variegated, no bubbles, stains, cracks, swelling, lack of glue, deformation, scratches, shrink and other defects. Metal parts without burrs, cracks, corrosion traces, rust and screw head damage and other adverse circumstances.

  Weigh the weight

  When you buy a switch socket, you should weigh the weight. If the business selection of thin copper, the feeling will be lighter. And good switch socket selection of copper and terminals are usually relatively thick, relatively heavy weight. Copper is a key part of the switch socket, but also identify the fake low-quality products, the key parts. Consumers in the purchase also pay attention to: some bad manufacturers will add iron in the product to increase the weight, we must see when buying.

  Identify the place

  Different places should be equipped with different types of switches and sockets. Kitchen and toilet are often water and fumes, the socket panel is best to install splash box or plastic baffle, which can effectively prevent the oil, water vapor caused by the short circuit. Children with a family, in order to prevent children with a finger touch or metal objects stuck socket hole, the parents of the best choice with insurance blanks safety socket.

  In addition, the installation of three-hole socket, the ground must not let the virtual form, but can not directly to the ground line to the gas pipeline. These practices are quite dangerous, ground and electrical appliances connected, once the electrical leakage, will lead to electric shock.