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Buy Switch Socket Of The Seven Tips

Jul 25, 2017

  Buy switch socket of the seven tips

  According to the fire department statistics, in recent years, the fire caused by electrical causes have become the first of all types of fire accidents, urban and rural residential fire in nearly 80% is related to the socket or line. It can be seen that the quality of the switch socket is directly related to home safety. In the home decoration, the purchase of electrical products can not be taken lightly, we must choose high-quality products, such as XXX and other well-known brands. So that home safety is guaranteed.

  The following is the purchase of wall switch socket products common sense, hoping to help everyone raise awareness.

  First, pay attention to the brand. According to statistics, there are more than 1,500 domestic enterprises in the production of switch socket products, the quality of products between the great differences, because many ordinary consumers do not have the means to identify the pros and cons, coupled with the switch socket brand awareness is limited, to the wrong Profiteers living space, resulting in fake and shoddy products flooded. Of course, large companies are very concerned about the image of their own brand, strict product quality requirements, after-sales service is also guaranteed, most companies promise not less than 12 years of quality assurance. So, in order to be assured, switch socket must choose a large company or a good brand.

  Second, to check the goods "documents." Certificate: to have origin, factory name or trademark, model or name, date of manufacture, inspection staff number and so on. Product brochure: should indicate the use of the product, installation, maintenance methods, together with the warranty book.

  Third, check the product appearance. Panel should be uniform color, smooth surface, no depression, variegated, no bubbles, stains, cracks, swelling, lack of glue, deformation, scratches, shrink and other defects. Visual metal parts without burr, cracks, corrosion traces, rust and screw head damage and other adverse circumstances.

  Fourth, look at product identification. Brand logo obvious, there are 3C, Great Wall and other certification mark. Products should be marked with: rated current, rated voltage, power characteristics of the symbol, manufacturer and product number, the socket must be polar and 3C logo. Brand products, most of the logo is molded or stamping a molding, the mark is very clear, obvious, logo skew, fuzzy do not buy.

  Five, weigh the weight. When you buy a switch socket, you should weigh the weight. If it is thin copper, it will not have the same weight and quality. Only the switch socket inside the copper and the terminal is thick, the weight of a single switch socket will be heavy, and inside the copper parts is the most critical part of the switch socket, but also counterfeit inferior products cut corners of the key parts. Dian in the hands of the feeling of floating do not buy, of course, to note: some bad manufacturers in the product on the block to increase the weight of iron plate, do not be fooled!

  6, to obtain and save the invoice. If there are quality problems, this is the basis for complaints.

  Seven, the most critical is to go to the brand company designated sales store to buy. Illegal vendors mainly through the package, the counterfeit or inferior products into the brand switch socket products, or brand products to retain the panel, the core replaced by inferior products. Therefore, in the purchase of switch socket in addition to look for the brand, the best to the brand's store or designated sales store to buy.