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Buy Switch Socket Should Not Be Cheap

Jul 25, 2017

  Buy switch socket should not be cheap

  Socket fake up, most people simply can not tell true and false, it is recommended socket switch these things as much as possible to buy channels, quality is guaranteed.

  Switch classification

  Single open double open three open more open. In the design of the circuit, we must take into account energy-saving, or a spotlight on the 15W, too much electricity. This time need to use more open switch, the lights group, so relatively more power.

  Select socket:

  Safety sockets - families with children must consider the choice of safety sockets, this socket has special protective measures.

  Waterproof socket - bathroom for kitchen.

  Air conditioning socket - air conditioning dedicated, can not be mixed with other sockets.

  Ordinary socket - the best choice for 5-phase socket (that is, 5 eyes, like the air conditioning socket is 3 eyes, five eyes is a three plug, one is two plug), easy to use up.

  Where do I need a socket?

  Kitchen: range hood socket water dispenser socket refrigerator outlet; cabinet countertops above the best to stay 2 socket to facilitate the use of some small appliances, such as rice cookers, ovens and so on.

  Bathroom: Washing machine socket Water heater socket (if you choose the electric water heater, need to stay in this socket) next to the mirror to add a socket to facilitate the man to the razor charge.

  Bedroom: the bedside on each side of the installation of a power outlet; one side of the phone socket set; if necessary, you can consider setting the network cable; air conditioning socket, cable TV socket.