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Can The Metal Socket Be Installed On The Ground?

Jun 05, 2017

  Can the metal socket be installed on the ground?

  At present, the ground socket we all hear, see or used, but there is a problem Many people are asking, that is the metal socket can be installed on the ground?

  In fact, the metal socket can be installed on the ground, as long as the attention of a few things on it, we usually put this ground socket called metal ground socket. First of all to the indoor humidity to maintain the normal value, the furniture should be away from the humidifier, moisture will make the metal rust, chrome plating and so on. Furniture, clean, avoid using water to clean the furniture, can be wiped with a damp cloth, but do not rinse with water. In the top of the balcony on the cabinet, then the back of the cabinet with a layer of foam plastic plate waterproof effect is very good. Balcony door is best to use the same type of fire board. Balcony environment is relatively poor.

  You can consider the use of metal ground socket, this ground outlet is very expensive more than 100, but very convenient. This is because the ground socket and the ground flush, a foot can be ejected. Suitable for large living room. Or in the dining room below the table, used to insert the hot pot (to prevent the move back and forth when the wire)

  As long as you said in advance with the tilework master, on the wall of the brick, the width can not be less than 10 cm below. He will cut the brick on both sides. Or just just 1 meter wide wall of the example, it becomes 2 2 small. 32 × 2 = 64, reserved 1 cm of the hook, both sides of the small brick 17.5cm on it. In this way, it seems that both sides are not only symmetrical, and the whole wall will not have a narrow one in the eye. However, this practice fee brick, please buy a brick before the wealth hit. Tiles of high density, small water brick, you can not soak, directly posted, commonly known as stickers. Leveling. Such as shop composite panels, the ground to re-do the mud layer to re-smooth, generally known as leveling, the proposed shop plywood or wood room, first leveling, until the cement dry, and then shop composite board or wood. General ground from the stone 1.1-1.2 cm (0.8 cm thick plate), 1.5-1.6 cm (1.2 cm thick plate). When you close the door, you will have to leave the space 3 cm away from the wall. Shop the floor (before the floor, the ground ash clean, be sure to do leveling. Prepare a little pepper in advance, so that they sprinkle along the kick on the line. Do not cut the floor in the house or pad with pad, and then cut ).

  Although the cost of ground socket higher than the average outlet, but with the improvement of people's living standards, more and more people will install the ground socket.