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Characteristic Analysis Of Switching Power Supply Industry In China

Jan 21, 2017

Because of China's electric power industry is a more important part in the electronic information industry, and also has international competitiveness of certain sectors. Since 2010 as national macro-policy implementation and after the stabilization of the global economy, China's electronic information products presents a fast recovery momentum, switching power supply industry in China on the homeopathy, scale of production value reached 117.2 billion yuan, growing faster than 10%.

Industry analysts pointed out: switching power supplies, with its small size, light weight, wide input voltage range, less heat, and many other qualities are coupled with electronics, thinness, demand trends, the development of switching power supply fast, quickly replaced the linear power supply at a wide variety of electronic products.

There are two types of switching power supply products are standardized products, other non-standardised products. In General, standardized product order quantity is large, gross profit is low, competition is more intense. Rather than standardized product order quantity is relatively small, but relatively high gross margins, competition is relatively small. Standardized products, some companies do not have cash, is built to order after receipt of the customer order, on the basis of the original product will improve, and ultimately to provide customers with customized product production. And the proliferation of different, more customized switching power supply small batches of custom, in order to better control costs, in order to quickly provide customers with low cost, high quality custom products, you need enterprise with agile product development design capacity and raw material procurement capabilities.

According to 2012-2016, which was published depth switching power supply industry in China evaluation and investment forecast report displays: as, switching power supply industry custom, enterprise sales and orders are combined together, sales took place prior to product manufacturing. Also, switch power companies are also developing standard products, rolled out to the market and customers, actively expanding the electronics industry customers, display of company development, production scale and quality control capabilities become important means of sale. At present, the switching power supply industry to expand sales channels include participation in trade shows, professional print and Web site promotion and customer recommendations, while access to high quality resources is the strength the most direct reflection