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Choose The Need For A Safety Socket

Oct 13, 2017

Choose the need for a safety socket

Today, the popularity of household appliances and increasing, although the life has a lot of convenience, but also to children safe growth, healthy growth brought a lot of hidden dangers. Authoritative data show that by the socket caused by accidental accidents in children was increasing year by year, "children's safety" has become a topic of concern for the community! In fact, as the family of electricity, "the last hurdle", sockets, plugs and so difficult to do completely hidden, it is easy to be exposed to children. Many children will be their own as a "toy", holding the touch to touch, with your fingers in the socket jack back and forth dig dig, a lot of hands-on ability to "destroy the king", will use tweezers, blades, etc. "Tools" to disassemble, with a fire machine to burn ... ... and so on.

In such a premise, the harm of low-quality outlet is particularly evident. In order to reduce prices, to attract consumers, do everything possible to save materials, reduce costs, cut corners in all aspects of the cut, often in the course of the use of the child to bring a lot of hidden dangers: First, the inferior socket without any security Protective measures, the child contact easy to electric shock; Second, poor quality raw materials, poor temperature resistance, low flame resistance, long-term work easy to heat, contact with open fire easy to burn, children play not only easy to burn, Caused by large-scale fire; again, low-quality socket manufacturing rough, sharp edges and corners of the product, the general phenomenon of pressure, shock and shock resistance, the child smashed easily broken, while bolts loose, easy to remove, the child easily cut ... ...

In addition, many families use the power outlet are more aging, long-term use of the family there is a serious security risk. Many users believe that the life of the socket is very long, the general socket can be used to normal power. In fact, this idea is completely wrong. As a professional switch socket manufacturers, here to list the following seven kinds of security risks:

First, the socket is combusted by the flammable material or dust into the short circuit, or installed in the flammable and explosive dangerous places, insert or unplug the plug when the spark caused an explosion fire;

Second, the plug damage is not timely replacement, with a bare wire instead of plug use, resulting in short circuit or spark, causing combustible fire;

Third, some bedside switches in use after a release, the switch hit the bed frame or wall leaving the outer insulation layer is damaged, most likely cause short circuit;

Fourth, the working voltage of household appliances and operating current and the use of the socket power does not match, long-term overload, once the temperature is too high will cause a fire;

Fifth, the switch is improperly installed, especially the switch placed on the combustible object, once the wire leads to the sheath was scratched, will make the core exposed or water vapor infiltration, resulting in short circuit, or switch off when the arc caused by fire ;

Sixth, the power distribution board is not placed in the junction box, the fuse will be hot when the hot metal particles splashed, resulting in the following combustible material caused by combustion;

Seventh, the family of combustible gas due to pipeline or valve leakage, so that combustible gas and air mixture to reach a certain limit, open and close the arc device does not eliminate the electrical switch, it will produce sparks.

Parents, parents can not always stare at the child, so if the quality of the socket is not qualified, it may lead to a variety of children hurt! And a good, with children's safety protection socket, to maximize the protection of the child's safety, which is "hardware protection"! So, choose a "good socket" to prevent these injuries occur very necessary.