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Classification Of Wall Switch

Jan 21, 2017

Differences between switches have dual controls and control, one more than the single control dual control each cell terminals. A lamp in the room can control outside the room can control double control, dual-control switch can be used as a single control, but the single switch cannot be used for dual control.
1.1: switched classification
-Press the start mode of the switch to: pull-wire switches, rotary switches, pull switches, buttons, switches, rocker switch. Touch switch, reset switch, light switch
1.2: commonly used classification of switches according to connections,
Press the switch connects to: single switch, dual-control switch, double pole (two way), such as dual-control switch.
1.3 Summary of specifications
Size: 86, 118, 120,
Geographical distribution: most used 86 type switch (80% of the country's area), some areas use 118, 120 for very little.
1.4 classification by function
Billing (double) charged with two open single (double) three billing (pair) control four single (pair) control
Sound and light touch control delay switch inertia switch doorbell switch speed control (dimmer) switch the card to take power switch
Wall switch, narrow sense, refers to the switch, actually refers to the wall switch, wall socket this larger area. There are mechanical, intelligent, there are flat and seesaw.
2.1 computer Sockets, also known as network sockets, cables, Sockets., network, broadband outlet Panel. Network that is separate from the phone, so there will be a computer telephony integrated Sockets; another from cable to network isolation, so the TV computer one outlet.
2.2 telephone socket
2.3 TV outlet TV outlet, TV panels, cable outlet
2.4 air-conditioning outlet, also known as the 16A socket, because General outlets is 10A, air-conditioning outlet is 16A
2.5118 socket is a horizontal rectangle, 120 socket's vertical rectangle, 86 plug is a square. 118 outlets, one, two, three, four outlets. 86 outlets are generally five-hole socket, or opened with five or more five-hole socket socket