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Decorate Paint: When The Wall Switch Needs To Be Removed

Jan 21, 2017

In the decoration of time inevitably will encounter in the wall switch and outlet problem should be removed, then paint the walls when not required switch panel needs to be removed? If not removed, switch panel have any impact?

When you paint the walls if you do not remove panels, then the panel wall paint and PuTTY fell into the Jack, to wait for the painting after the cleaning it is very difficult, even if the dirt can be removed, will also have implications for the cleanliness of the wall switch panel. If you later want to Panel replacement, it is likely to appear between the wall and the Panel excluded, and once replaced apart since there is no way in and corresponds to the original position.

If the switch panel if it contains a lot of dust and dirt will cause damage to the electronic components in the switch panel, and spring is no longer flexible application at a later time. Dust contains a lot of corrosive substances, it will damage to the internal parts directly to the switch.