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Home Wall Switch Basics

Jan 21, 2017

Wall switch is small, played an important role at home. Many consumers tend to pay more attention to when at home wall switch which brand is good? How to decorate but easy to overlook. Wall switch and outlet arrangement is unreasonable, will directly affect the quality of life for our convenience.

Following is a home wall switch and socket arrangement should be aware of some basic common sense, for your reference.

A wall switch and outlet type, the most common layout errors: wall switch blocked by furniture

Decorate the wall switch socket it is best to determine the position of the furniture and wiring. Should not take it for granted free to decorate the wall switch on the wall socket, furniture set after the discovery switch socket completely blocked by furniture is not available, lost its role.

Wall switch and socket design of the most easily overlooked: TV wall socket is not enough

Layout errors that occur most often here is Jack, but reserved error. Two holes three-hole outlet is unreasonable, will cause enough to use, do not use the empty waste. End can only rely on the Strip to solve this problem. Preset wall switch is designed to facilitate simple and beautiful, which lost their original design, TV background wall beneath the wiring clutter.

Recommend the wall switch and socket arrangement: dual-control switch

Are the benefits of dual-control switch. Hall installed dual-control switch, door lights go Interior lights no longer to the door. Bedroom dual-control switch, without running out of bed to the door and turn off the lights before going to bed. Install dual control switches are not absolute, according to family indoor layout design, as appropriate.

The switch and socket arrangement is closely related to life: on the socket with switch

Some frequently used appliances outlet to forget at home provided with switch, now each time after use, and also had to remove the plug. If you are installing a socket with switch, and now don't have frequently drawn line, as long as the switch by hand. Smoke, exhaust fans in the kitchen the best selection of socket with switch, close to the stove top cannot be installed socket!

Creative living wall switch layout: sofa, table reservation outlets, USB interface

With the advent of the digital age, home also to keep up with the progress of the times. In sofas, dining table, for example, to reserve a power socket, USB interface, convenient digital products to facilitate charging, data transmission.

Although now using intelligent toilet is not a lot of family, but not necessarily does not become a trend in the future. If in future to install smart toilet, then we should set aside a good outlet in the bathroom. This will replace the smart toilet without rewiring.