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Household Switched Socket Maintenance Knowledge

Jan 21, 2017

1. switch do not repeatedly switch: this will increase your consumption of electricity, because the switch will have a great start in the closed current, in unnecessary cases allows you to increase the amount of electricity also will affect the service life of your switch, you repeatedly switch will cause you to switch operating mechanism in the process of wear and tear.

2. switch wiring electrician when in operation, because of their unprofessional wiring process (thread, wiring, installation), is likely to give later on in life planted the seeds of trouble.

3. switch, use alcohol to clean the socket, the appearance is a very smooth appearance of switches, sockets, do not use water to clean it will leave traces, as well as unsafe.

4. switch installation should follow the specific installation standards, more beautiful and more secure; 5. switches you can add some decorations around to protect the wall clean, but also increase the appearance.