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How Can We Effectively Eliminate The Switch Socket Fire Hazard?

Oct 13, 2017

Switch socket manufacturers to remind, resulting in fire hazards have the following seven factors:

1. is the switch socket is caused by flammable dust short circuit, or installed in the flammable and explosive dangerous places, insert or need a spark plug, leading to explosion and fire;

2. is the plug damage is not timely replacement, the personal head is not a socket, use, resulting in short circuit or spark caused by the fire;

3. Some bedside switches in use after a release, hit the bed frame or wall switch damage to the insulation layer, the most likely to cause short circuit;

4. is the working voltage of household appliances and current power outlet is not used, long-term overload, Switch socket the temperature is too high will lead to a fire once;

5. The installation switch is not correct, especially the switch is placed in the combustible object, once the lead from the sheath wear, so that the core or through the naked heating water, causing a short circuit, Switch socket or switch off the arc generated by the fire;

6. Is the distribution board is installed in the junction box, the fuse will have hot metal particles splash, thereby reducing fuel consumption;

7. Household combustible gas pipe or valve leakage, so combustible gas and air mixing, to a certain limit, open, Switch socket close the arc switch without the electrical switch, it will produce sparks.