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How Is The Socket Loose?

Jul 01, 2017

  How is the socket loose?

  1, due to the relaxation of the ground socket is not easy to power is also more dangerous, when the repair, first cut off the power, remove the ground socket shell. To the inside of the bending and plug contact with the metal, but also the way to clear the inside of the dust.

  2, the socket is loose There are two cases will lead to plug and socket contact instability, the front mentioned is the socket jack copper aging, the flexibility of the solution. There is a kind of socket is poor quality, copper sink thinner, deformation, so replaced.

  3, often "disturb" socket box is likely to cause the inside of the line loose, but if the socket inside the line is fastened, does not affect the use, although the socket box is loose, do not need too much care. Such as air-conditioning with the perennial fixed use.

  4, or with a screwdriver to remove the shell, the screw groove side of the role of reinforcement screw down, replace the screw is not tightening the main fixed screws. Remember to power off first!

  What is the above for the socket loosening? Of the specific introduction, the socket with a switch wiring method and the ordinary socket and switch is not the same, of course, the principle is the same, the operation is not complicated. If there is a switch socket installation diagram, the installation time to seriously control the wiring diagram, three lines can generally be properly wired.