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Metal SocketHigh Security

Aug 28, 2017

Metal switch socket advantages:

One, elegant ultra-thin design. Merlin Gerin metal switch socket panel uses a beautiful arc ultra-thin design, and the wall can be better fit, as if the switch socket is part of the wall, so that the switch socket in the whole decoration is more natural, more harmonious Not isolated. At the same time, the design also has an advantage is to prevent the accumulation of dust, not only clean up more easily, but also to ensure the safety.

Second, anodized aluminum alloy panel. We all know that most of the metal is easy to oxidize and lose the original metallic luster, metal switch socket panel is anodized aluminum alloy panel, the process has exquisite delicate, dazzling, durable, corrosion and other advantages, to ensure that Long term use is still bright as new.

Third, with a better decorative effect. In today's society, the requirements of the switch socket is not only the use of function, but also more and more attention to the aesthetic and artistic effect. Metal switch socket with two fashion colors, that is, champagne gold and ivory white, these two colors meaning graceful, can make the decoration more atmospheric eye-catching, highlight the rich.

Fourth, durability and safety. Durability and safety is the basic requirements of the switch socket, but also the most important requirements. The Metal switch socket panel on the anode oxide layer is corundum ceramic layer, the surface hardness can reach the sapphire level, this oxide layer and the panel is tight, will not fall off. The metal panel also has anti-static, high insulation advantages.

Five, long warranty. Experience tells us that the general warranty the longer the average quality of the better, the reason is very simple, I believe we all understand it! If the product quality is not good, businesses also promised 20 years warranty, then it is not a loss.