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Plastic Socket Three Steps To Purchase

Sep 30, 2017

Socket is a necessary thing for every family, however, due to sockets and electrical closely related, so due to plug leakage and accidents abound. So how do you choose safe and reliable sockets? Below, the Chinese plastic Trading network for you to explain the small.

First of all, in the purchase of power sockets do not covet cheap, the best to the formal large-scale chain ultra, hypermarket or electric city and other operating places to buy, and the preservation of shopping vouchers. Pay more attention to industry and commerce, quality inspection and other departments issued by the monitoring, testing information and the Association (Consumer Council, Consumer Protection Committee) published comparative experimental results, as far as possible not to choose repeatedly exposed or penalized brand. Must buy a new GB socket, do not buy the national ban on the production of million-hole sockets.

Second, should pay attention to the socket packaging manufacturers and product information is complete. Some substandard sockets are poorly packaged and lack the most basic manufacturer and product information such as production dates. In addition, the qualified socket housing panel work fine, the shell and the hole edge without Burr, the size of the hole is symmetrical and uniform; Do not buy two-core sockets with a three-pole jack on the board, but only two plugs on the plug on the socket itself.

Finally, check the handle. From weight, repeatedly press switch, test plug pull force, pull power cord four aspects to distinguish: In line with the national standards of the socket, the copper plate, thick, plastic shell tight, so heavy weight; repeatedly press switch, switch on and off freely and sound crisp; the plug-and-pull handle of each jack is moderately flexible and feels consistent; Solid and reliable connection with socket.