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Requirements For High Quality Switches

Oct 25, 2017

Switch socket quality has been a lot of people concerned about the main points, as the saying goes, the layman to see a lively, understand the people a look at the product is not good quality, do not know the following people buy more than most is also wrong. The following is an introduction to the switch socket identification, let us take you into the door of the expert.

1. Material quality

High-quality switch socket panel used in the material, in the flame-retardant, insulation, impact resistance and moisture resistance, etc. are very good, the material stability is strong, not easy to change color. Not easy to soften deformation, the shell using high-quality fireproof materials, high temperature will not burn.

2, the appearance of exquisite fashion

Switch socket smooth surface, color uniformity, texture, the brand logo on the panel should be clear, full, the surface can not have any burr, information parameters clear.

3. Internal structure

Good switch usually uses silver alloy contact point, uses the pure copper material to do the conductive bridge, may prevent the switch opening and closing when causes the arc to cause the oxidation, lengthens the service life, inserts the use phosphor bronze through the nickel plating treatment, the surface is smooth, presents the golden yellow to eliminate patina phenomenon.

4. Comfortable feel

Try the switch, a good switch spring soft and hard medium, excellent elasticity, open and close the transition is more forceful, will not occur in the middle of the socket button stop in the situation and become a serious fire hazard, insert the intensity of the medium, plug the handle smooth, more comfortable.

5. Safety Certification

Qualified socket products must be obtained national certification and in line with international industry standards, domestic products to pass 3C certification, ISO9000 series certification, these will be labeled in the product itself, packaging or manual.