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Socket Electrical Equipment To Provide Power Interface For Home Appliances

Oct 23, 2017

The socket has one or more circuit wiring can be inserted in the seat, through which can be plugged into a variety of wiring, easy to connect with other circuits. The power outlet is the electrical equipment which provides the Power interface for the home appliance, also is the electrical accessory which uses more in the residential electrical design, it has 10 close relations with people's life.

Method of connecting switch sockets

1, first use Tape to find the FireWire

2. Switch off the outlet power

3, the FireWire access switch 2 holes in one, and then from another hole a 2. The 5mm2 insulated wire is connected to the L hole in 3 holes in the socket below.

4, find 0 line Direct access socket 3 holes in the N hole to connect in the prison.

5, find the ground direct access to the socket 3 holes in the e hole to connect the prison.

Note: 0, the ground can not be connected to the wrong (general face socket left 0 right fire on the ground, or plug in electrical equipment, a trip will be tripped).

Outlet buy Seven See

1. Look at the appearance

The style and color of the switch should be consistent with the overall style of the room. For example, the overall color of the interior decoration is light color, should not choose black, brown and so on dark switch.

2. Look at the handle

Good quality switches are mostly used in bulletproof plastic and other advanced materials, fire performance, moisture-proof performance, anti-collision performance and so on are higher, smooth surface, buy should consider their own touch to feel, with the touch of the initial decision switch material, and ask the Distributor. Generally speaking, the surface is not too smooth, touch a thin, crisp feeling of the product, the performance is not reliable. Good switch socket panel requires no bubbles, no scratches, no stains. The touch of the switch is light and not tight, the socket should be fitted with protection door, plug and pull should need a certain strength and one foot can not be inserted.

3. See the weight

You should also weigh the components of a single switch when buying a switch. Because only the copper in the switch, the weight of a single switch will be large, and the inside of the copper sheet is the key part of the switch, if the alloy or thin copper sheet will not have the same weight and quality.

4. Look at the brand

Encourage you to choose well-known brands. Because the quality of the switch is related to the normal use of electrical appliances, even the convenience of life. Many dealers in the interview have expressed the same view, that is, many small manufacturers of the switch or socket is very unreliable, it will not be used for a long time, and the frequent replacement is obviously very troublesome; but most of the well-known brands will be effective commitment to consumers, such as "15 years available", "guarantee 12 years of service life", " Can continuously switch 10,000 times "and so on.

5. See the service

As far as possible to the regular manufacturers designated stores or sales point to buy, and ask for a shopping invoice, so as to ensure that can enjoy the future after-sales service.

6. See logo

Notice the identification on the base of the switch and socket: including the Great Wall Certification (CCEE), the rated current voltage.

7. Look at the packaging

Product packaging should have a clear factory address telephone, the use of instructions and certification.