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Socket It Is Important To Have Security

Sep 14, 2017

The socket is a seat with one or more circuit wires that can be inserted, through which you can insert a variety of wiring, easy to connect with other circuits. Power outlet is for household appliances to provide power interface, electrical equipment, residential electrical design is also used more electrical accessories, it has a close relationship with people's lives. Residents to move into the new home, the general reflection of the number of power outlets is too small, very inconvenient to use, resulting in private households pull the power cord and install the socket wiring board, often caused by personal shock and electrical fires, to personal property safety Hidden danger. Therefore, the design of the power outlet is also an important basis for the evaluation of residential electrical design. In accordance with the use of the socket can be divided into industrial sockets, power outlets and mobile sockets.

How to buy a safe power outlet is very important, low-quality power outlet often cause personal shock and electrical fire accidents, to personal property security to bring significant risks.

Look at the appearance

Switch style, color should be consistent with the overall style of the room. For example, the overall color of the interior decoration is light, you should not use black, brown and other dark switch.

2. look feel

Good quality of the switch most of the use of bullet-proof plastic and other high-grade materials, fire performance, moisture resistance, anti-impact performance are high, smooth surface, the purchase should consider their feel touched, with the initial determination of the switch material, And asked the dealer. In general, the surface is not smooth, feels thin, crisp feeling of the product, the performance is not reliable. Good switch socket panel requires no bubbles, no scratches, no stains. Switch toggle feel light and not tight, the socket jack to be equipped with a protective door, plug the plug should be a certain degree of strength and can not insert a single foot.

3. Look at the weight

When buying a switch, weigh the weight of a single switch. Because only the switch inside the copper thick, the weight of a single switch will be large, and inside the copper is the most critical part of the switch, if it is alloy or thin copper will not have the same weight and quality.

See the brand

Encourage you to use well-known brands. Because the quality of the switch is related to the normal use of electrical appliances, and even the convenience of life. Many dealers in the interview have expressed the same view that many small manufacturers of switches or sockets is very unreliable, simply do not take long, and often replaced is obviously very troublesome; but most well-known brands will be to consumers Effective commitment, such as the Bulls safety socket commitment to "guarantee 12 years of service life", "" can be a continuous switch 80,000 times "and so on.

5. Look at the service

As far as possible to the regular manufacturers designated stores or point of sale to buy, and ask for a shopping invoice, so as to ensure that you can enjoy the future after-sales service.

6. See logo

Pay attention to the switch, the socket on the base of the logo: including the Great Wall certification (ccee), rated current voltage.

7. Look at the packaging

Product packaging surface should have a clear factory address telephone, with instructions and certification.

8. Look at the material

Material to distinguish the main look color, surface treatment, which copper thickness.

Choose attention

1. Power outlet should be used by the relevant product quality supervision departments of qualified products.

2. Residential power outlet should be used safety socket, bathroom and other places should be used in anti - splash - type sockets;

3. The rated current of the power outlet should be greater than 1.25 times the rated current of the known equipment. General single-phase power socket rated current of 10A, dedicated power outlet for the 16A, special high-power household appliances, its distribution circuit and power supply should be selected according to the actual capacity;

4. In order to facilitate the plug, the combination of the best number of two socket, up to (including the switch) no more than three;

5. For household electrical appliances with electric shock to plug the power supply, use a socket with a switch to disconnect the power supply.

6, in a relatively humid place, install the socket should also install the waterproof box.

Installation Attention

1. Socket installation height, when the design requirements should be installed according to design requirements; when the design is not clear, the general should meet: with a safety door socket not less than 0.3M; without safety door socket is not low and 1.8M; It is recommended to purchase as much as possible with a safety door socket, because the price difference between the two.

2. In the bathroom or other wet places should be sealed with a good waterproof, splash socket. (Note: The socket with safety door is a plastic baffle (safety door) in front of the general socket. The three-hole socket, when the plug is inserted, the ground pile head (slightly longer) is inserted into the hole , The socket body action side to open the other two holes, two holes must be inserted into the socket at the same time the pile head, safety doors can be opened to prevent young children mistakenly inserted into the metal accident caused.

3. When the socket is installed, its panel should be closed and close to the wall. And the wiring (phase) should be consistent with: single-phase two-hole socket, the face of the socket on the right hole or hole on the phase line (FireWire); left hole or hole connected to the next line; single-phase three-hole socket, Hole connected to the line (L, FireWire), the left hole then the zero line (N), the hole on the ground (PE).