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Socket Use Misunderstanding

Jul 12, 2017

  Socket use misunderstanding

  With the popularity of household appliances, the number of home power outlets have gradually increased. But if installed properly, Socket will be buried in the wall of the "invisible bomb". Ministry of Public Security of the relevant survey data show that China's recent 10 years occurred in the fire accident, due to power sockets, switches, circuit breakers and other reasons caused by the total number of fire about 30% of the total, ranking first in all types of fire.

  Position is too low

  Many families in the installation of the socket, feel too high aesthetics, will be installed in the lower concealed position. Socket Institute of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that it is easy to drag the water when the water splashed into the socket, resulting in leakage accident. Industry regulations, the installation of the socket from the ground is best not less than 1.8 meters; concealed socket from the ground not less than 0.3 meters. Kitchen and toilet outlet should be more than 1.5 meters above the ground, air conditioning socket at least 2 meters.

  Free to install

  The power conductor must use a copper cross section. Socket If you live in the old house, be sure to replace the original aluminum wire. Because the aluminum wire is easy to oxidize, the joints are easy to fire. There have been surveys show that the use of aluminum residential, electrical fire rate of several times the copper line. In addition, many families for the beautiful, will use slotted buried wire, dark tube laying the way, wiring must follow the "FireWire into the switch, zero line into the lamp" principle, but also in the socket on the leakage protection device.

  Lack of protection

  Kitchen and toilet are often water and fumes, so the outlet panel is best to install splash water tank or plastic baffle.

  In addition, some decoration companies in the installation of three-hole socket, often let the ground in shape, even directly to the ground line to the gas pipeline. Professionals pointed out that these practices are very dangerous, ground and electrical appliances connected, once the electrical leakage, will lead to electric shock.


  This will cause the appliance to run at an overload, causing a fire. Air conditioners, washing machines, range hoods and other high-power appliances is best to use a separate outlet. In general, the bedroom is best to install 4 sets of sockets, Socket living room every 2.5 square meters of a group, the kitchen every 1.2 square meters. Misunderstanding

  Less loop

  Old house only one loop, once any short circuit, the entire room will be paralyzed electricity. In general, the socket can choose two or three circuits, kitchen, bathroom walk all the way, air conditioning using a loop.