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Switch And Socket Installation Knowledge

Jan 21, 2017

1, material requirements

(1) various types of switches: specifications must comply with the design requirements and product certification.

(2) the type, specification must conform to the design requirements, and product certification.

(3) plastic (set) Board: should have sufficient strength. Plastics (set) Board should be formed, no warping deformation phenomena, and product certification.

(4) wooden (set) Board: its thickness should comply with the design requirements and code for construction and acceptance of the rules. The Panel should be formed, no splitting and warping deformation and paint in good condition no loss.

(5) other materials: metal expansion bolts, plastic tube, galvanized wood screws, zinc plated machine screws, wood bricks, and so on.

2, the main equipment:

(1) the red pencil, tape measure, level, wire, insulated gloves, tool bag, high stools.

(2) hammer, chisel, wire stripping pliers, needle-nosed pliers, cable ties Cone, taps, casing, drill, hammer, drill, nail guns, etc.

3, working conditions

(1) a variety of pipes, boxes have finished laying. Shut the box formation.

(2) the line wires have been worn out and have finished insulating shake test.

(3) wall grouting, paint and wallpaper, renovation work has been completed.

2, switch and socket installation order

1, first look for on the drawings to a switched outlet location, on a planar diagram looks a bit like the English "f".

2, use prepared outside the outlet box to draw a general framework, this tool is very helpful to locate neatly.

3, measurement of wires and pipes go vertically the distance from the wall.

4, measured the same width in the corner location.

5, according to the location of the measuring point can be used to line draw two vertical lines.

6, cutting machine cutting along the line.

7, electric drill played out suitable pipe Groove, Groove to match the diameter and pipe, pipe to take it personally and drive neatly reflect a construction team level and experience.