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Switch Main Purpose Introduction

Oct 23, 2017

We all know the usefulness of the switch is many, almost a lot of occasions will set the switch, then the main purpose of the switch is what? If you know the switch knowledge and the main purpose of what is not understood, the following people together to see the specifics of how it is.

A switch is an electronic component that allows a circuit to open, break, or flow to another circuit. The principle of the switch is that the "closed" (closed) of the contact means that the electronic contact leads through, allowing the current to flow through;

According to the use of wave switch, band switch, playback switch, power switch, preselection switch, limit switch and so on. According to the structure is divided into micro-switch, ship-type switch, toggle switch, toggle switch and so on.

What is the main purpose of the switch:

1, used to isolate the power supply, the high-voltage overhaul equipment and live equipment disconnect, so that there is a visible disconnect point.

2, the isolation switch and the circuit breaker, according to the system operation mode needs to carry on the inverted gate operation, changes the system operation wiring Way.

3, to connect or disconnect the small current circuit. The isolating switch can do the following: the bypass current which can pull and close the closed circuit switch; the grounding line of the neutral point of the drawing and closing transformer, but when the neutral point is connected with the arc-suppression coil, it can operate only when the system is in trouble, pull, close the voltage transformer and the lightning arrester, pull, close the bus and the capacitive current connected directly on the bus; The capacitance current does not exceed 5 Ann's no-load line, the Triple isolation switch can pull and close the voltage at 10,000 volts and below, the current under 15 safety load, etc.

In the operation of the isolation switch should pay attention to when the line transmission, first close the bus side of the isolation switch, the back of the line side isolation switch, and then the circuit breaker. The circuit breaker should be disconnected first and then the isolating switch should be opened. No load pull, high voltage isolating switch.