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Switch Socket Fire Eight Note

Nov 01, 2017

According to the wall switch socket manufacturers survey analysis: In recent years, due to the installation of the switch socket or improper use of fire accidents abound, so the following teach you some of the normal use of the switch socket method.

1, the correct selection, according to the total capacity of household appliances and the specific use of the environment to select the appropriate switch socket. Humidity is relatively large place to choose fire switch and cable switch; corrosive items or large dust can not install the switch socket, should be installed outdoors; with burning, explosion hazard places, to use fire or explosion-proof switch socket.

2, the switch socket rated current and rated voltage and electricity should be consistent with the actual, not arbitrarily super-consistent.

3, the knife switch to match the matching fuse, do not allow any changes, especially the bold melt, but can not use copper, aluminum, iron instead of the fuse.

4, the unipolar switch to control the line of fire, can not be connected to the zero line. Otherwise the body is easy to contact the stack will also cause electric shock accident, once the FireWire grounding there may be a short circuit caused a fire accident.

5, switch socket aging and damage, be sure to repair or replace the direct replacement.

6, go out, sleep or a sudden power outage, be sure to cut off the power in time, especially the electric heater and the like.

7, switch socket as far as possible installed in a dry, clean, dusty place.

8, the lamp socket in the overload is prone to accidents, it can not iron, electric stove, air conditioning and other high-power electrical access to the use of lamp socket, so as not to cause a fire.