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Switch Socket Wiring Way To Know How Much

Sep 28, 2017

Switch socket wiring way to know how much

Different wiring wiring is also different, and the wiring method determines the connection between the wire and the switch is strong, whether the use of late security, switch life is long and so on. For everyone to introduce the switch in the end there are several ways.

Fast wiring

Will be stripped of the thread directly into the wiring hole that can be completed wiring, do not need to use a screwdriver and other tools. The wiring hole inside a reed, the reverse pull out will be stuck, one-way insert more convenient, need to stab the demolition of the hole or pressure removed by the board to pull out the line.

Screw line

That is screwed into the terminal through the screw, squeeze the wire and then docking and docking firmly. The biggest advantage of the screw line is that the wiring is convenient, reliable, not easy to tripping. The disadvantage is that if the screw if the screw will crush the wire even broken off.

Double plate pressure line

That is, by small screws to tighten the two small metal pieces, so that between the metal pieces of the wire was clamped. Double plate pressure line in the wiring is convenient, solid, easy to damage the wire, but if at the same time then two wires of different diameter, the fine one is easy to loose.

Appearance appearance, internal timber, the overall design and even wiring, have decided a good or bad switch. So everyone in the selection of the switch, in addition to the appearance of the switch, but also must pay attention to the quality of the switch and wiring Oh