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Switch Sockets Ten Fire Hidden Trouble

Jan 21, 2017

Now switch socket for those who not neglect the security risk, risks to which I sorted out some of the switched socket. I hope to be helpful.
 1, the outlet of the toilet to install lubricator, avoid splashing water such as form a circuit breaker.

2, Jack was pinned by combustibles or falling into the dust caused by short circuit, or in places where inflammable and explosive dangerous, sparks caused when you insert or unplug it burst into flames.

3, plug is damaged do not promptly replaced, replace plug with bare head use, causing short circuits or sparks, caused by combustibles on fire.

4, bedside switches after use to turn a switch and hit the bed frame or wall external insulation layer damage, most likely caused by short circuit.

5, lamp operating voltage and operating current not consistent with the use the socket to power, overload for a long time, once the temperature is too high will cause a fire. Mitsuo is Aurora socket 16A ultra-high end flow to meet normal all industrial and domestic electricity. Other switches are generally 10A current when home slightly bigger power, it could cause a fire.

6, paperback or screw socket or eye socket is equipped with conductor end insulation of exhumation. Too long, bare parts shorting; short, poor conductor contact, contact resistance, overheating and causing a fire.

7, twists in the process of installing lamp lamp wires are twisted together, or too many bare conductors, short-circuit fire caused by the dispersal of run into the other end.

8, switch installed incorrectly, especially the switch be installed on combustible objects, sheathed at the wire leads to bruised so that core nudity or infiltration of water vapor, causing short circuits or fires caused by arcing when switch is off.

9, the power distribution Board is not into boxes, hot metal particles fuse with splash, fuel combustion at the bottom.

10, domestic use due to leakage of pipes or valves of flammable gases, flammable gas after mixing with air and lower explosive limits, opening and closing no arc of electrical switches, spark is produced, causing a fire or explosion. Three male light switch nickel silver alloy contacts and slide up Panel, so as to avoid the generation of arc, but also will prolong the service life of the switch panel. Suggest a switch to nickel-silver alloy contacts, don't buy such as silver, aluminum alloy, their low melting point, melting, more prone to arcing.

Finally, the chandelier is equipped with power cable cross section smaller and using too much power, wire heating fires.