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Switch The Socket Of The Maintenance Steps

Aug 08, 2017

  Switch the socket of the maintenance steps

  Switch socket manufacturers that the switch socket junction box to check clean up: the box of residual cement, gray and other debris should be removed from the clean, the use of trumpet paint to the junction box are clean debris clean. Clean up the time to pay attention to check whether there is no installation of the junction box location, such as dislocation, the lack of screw mounting holes and other issues, if there are these problems, we must promptly to solve. Such as the junction box buried relatively deep, more than 1.5cm when the time, then we must install the box.

  Wiring: first out of the box inside the wire out of the maintenance of the length of the cut off the remaining lines, the use of stripping stripping more appropriate length, just to be able to insert the full length of the wiring hole; for multi-joint switch is required to branch To use the safety of the pressure cap crimp branch.

  Should pay attention to distinguish between phase line, zero line, ground protection, etc., do not appear chaotic phenomenon; switch, socket phase to go through the switch off; socket wiring: single-phase two-hole socket with horizontal and vertical installed two. Horizontal, the face of the socket on the right pole phase line, the left pole then the zero line; vertical equipment, according to the socket on the pole when the phase line, the next pole is the zero line. When installing, pay attention to the wiring identification inside the socket.

  Installation switch, socket: in accordance with the requirements of the wiring, the box inside the wire and switch, socket panel connected, the panel push, the installation hole, the use of galvanized screws fixed, fixed, so that panel Correct, and the walls are flush. The decorative cap of the mounting hole attached to the panel must be removed and covered after the panel has been installed, so that the panel is damaged.

  Installed in the outdoor switch, the outlet to choose waterproof, between the panel and the wall should be waterproof measures. Installed in the decorative materials on the switch, socket and decorative materials between the settings to be insulated flame retardant products such as asbestos cloth and so on.