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Switch The Use Of Contact Metal To Consider The Extent Of Its Resistance To Corrosion

Sep 14, 2017

A switch is an electronic component that allows the circuit to open, interrupt the current, or cause it to flow to other circuits. The principle of the switch is that the "closed" of the contact indicates that the electronic contact is conducting and the current is allowed to flow; the "open" means that the electronic contact does not conduct to open and does not allow current to flow. In accordance with the purpose is divided into wave switch, band switch, recording switch, power switch, preselection switch, limit switch and so on. According to the structure is divided into micro switch, boat switch, button switch, toggle switch.

The simplest switch has two metal called "contact", two contacts contact when the current to form a loop, two contacts do not touch the current open circuit. The use of contact metal to consider the extent of its resistance to corrosion, because most of the metal oxide will form an insulating oxide, so that contacts can not work properly. Selection of contact metal also need to consider its conductivity, hardness, mechanical strength, cost and whether the toxic and other factors. Sometimes the corrosion resistance of the metal on the contacts. Generally will be plated in the contact surface, in order to avoid the impact of oxide due to its performance. Sometimes the contact surface will also use non-metallic conductive materials, such as conductive plastic. In addition to the contacts in addition to the contacts, there will be moving parts so that the contact is turned on or not conductive, the switch can be divided according to the different parts for the lever switch (Toggle switch), key switch, rocker switch (Rocker switch) , And the movable member may be other types of mechanical links.

Purchase method

Market switch socket variety, good and bad, so that consumers do nothing at all, and the switch socket is not only a home function supplies, but also the main components of safe electricity, its product quality, performance material for the prevention of fire, reduce losses Have a crucial decisive role.

Eye: generally good product appearance smooth, no burr, bright color and its material using high quality abs + PC material, flame retardant performance is good, not fragile. Some products on the surface although smooth, it seems coated with a layer of oil, but the color is pale, coarse texture, such materials, poor flame resistance, you can use the fire to try its flame retardant how. If it is very quickly off, then for a good plastic, otherwise it is poor plastic.

Hand press: a good product panel hand will not be directly removed, must use a certain special tools, and the general non-mainstream middle and low products is easy to take the next hand cover, resulting in home and public places indecent. Select the use of the index finger, thumb by the face of the diagonal into the end of the face, one end hold down, the other end of the force press, cover loose, subsidence of poor product quality, and vice versa is credible.

In addition, the sound is impure, dynamic astringent astringent, midway intermittent state is the quality of the poor quality of the sound, the sound is more smooth, The

See the structure: more common switch structure has two:

1, skateboard and pendulum style. Skateboard switch sound strong, feel elegant and comfortable; pendulum sound crisp, a little metal impact sound, in the elimination of arc and life than the traditional skateboard structure is more stable, mature technology.

2, double hole plate wiring is more secure than screw pressure line.

Because the former to increase the contact area of the wire and electrical parts, resistance to oxidation, less prone to loose, poor contact and other obstacles; and the latter in the sturdy screws easy to crush the wire, contact area is small, easy to make electricity, aging, resulting in poor contact.

Than the selection: switch silver sterilization capacity, low heat, high safety performance, contact with copper material performance greatly reduced; socket material using tin phosphorus raw copper can be with the best strength, toughness, flexibility and other indicators , Than the general brass reed the socket durable ten times, and very few cards when the arc is strong arc burning outlet phenomenon; gold-plated spring needle is extremely difficult to oxidize, stable performance, to ensure clear and true sound quality, data The transmission is fast and accurate.

See the logo: the market commonly used in the general household switch current of 10A, the socket current of 10A or 16A or more,

Brand: brand-name products by the time, the market's strict test, is recognized in the minds of consumers of security products, whether it is material, quality are strict checks, packaging, transportation, display, image design in all aspects of high-quality processes, The product is not only a safe electrical function supplies, it is a piece of exquisite, elegant, reflects the elegant cultural taste of art.

Now is a fashion era, electrical products, although not a mass consumer goods, but the same as the phone, exquisite style, different styles of design, originality of creativity are to live safer and more comfortable.

In fact, no matter from which side, the family purchase should use some famous brand products, these products are not only good quality, fashionable and diverse specifications, more importantly, safe and reliable.