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Switch With Home Decoration Function Is The Guarantee Of Safe Use Of Electricity

Nov 03, 2017

Switch socket in the market variety, mixed, consumers buy at a loss, switch socket not only has home decoration function, but also security of electricity. Here's the basic way to choose a switch socket:

Appearance: Good products have a good appearance, smooth surface, no burr, drape, uniform color, the material is imported high-quality pc material, fire-retardant performance is good. A good product panel is usually difficult to directly remove the hand, must rely on a certain special tools, and the general Non-mainstream middle and low products are easy to use the hands below the lid, resulting in home and public places of indecent.

Hand: Finger pressure switch function without empty stroke, sound crisp, feel smoother, strong sense of rhythm is better; on the other hand, the sound is impure, dynamic 涩滞, there is intermittent state of sound quality is poor.

Structure: The current switch structure is mainly seesaw and swing two types, seesaw switch sound is strong, feel elegant and comfortable, the swing-type sound crisp, a little metal impact sound, feel lightweight, functional conversion flexible. Switch products main wiring method has a platen wiring, thread-free wiring, saddle-type terminals. Easy to damage the wire plate wiring, no thread wiring easy to loose, resulting in bad contact and so on, comprehensive saddle terminal wiring fastening, safety.

Material: The silver cadmium oxide is used as the switch contact point, the conductivity is strong, the calorific quantity is few, the safety performance is high. The performance of copper material is greatly reduced; the use of tin-phosphor bronze sheet materials can achieve the strength, toughness, elasticity and other indicators of high-performance, greatly reducing the process of using a strong arc burnout phenomenon.

Load: Commonly used switches rated current of 16A, plug current of 10A, air-conditioning, water heater socket larger has 16A, good products clearly identify the available current strength, and poor quality product logo fuzzy, exaggerated data, can not determine the rated current.

Brand: Brand products by time, the market is a rigorous test, is the consumer's eyes recognized safety products, whether it is material, quality. Are strictly controlled, packaging, transportation, display, image design all aspects of quality flow.