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Switched Outlet Is Not Working What To Do

Jan 21, 2017

Many owners home renovations and found failure cannot use a switch installed, this is why, the solution is what we go to find out:

Repair switch failure reason: decoration of switch failure-free is of three kinds:

1, the installation is not required when the demolition, when major external side pry inner button pops up unable to load on the back cover.

2, the walls uneven and Panel screws when installing the too tight, resulting in deformation of the Panel, the window size changes.

3, caused by the paint into the switch and switch not working properly.

Repair switch failure solution:

For above reasons leading to decorate switch failure for all summary corresponds to the solution:

1, press the manual method of demolition, slightly outward from the panel mounting holes poked, subject to certain external buttons and panels, then pry out the buttons on both sides of the synchronization.

2, because the Panel for thermoplastics, although there is a certain amount of rigidity, but the screws too tightly, or is easily deformed, so fixed Panel to the principle of not loosing.

3, upon its completion in wall plaster installation switches or paint with plastic film cover on the switch.

Decoration can not switch failure is a very common problem, the key is not installed correctly during the installation process, install protection is there, repair switch failure was the reason and the solution is here, I hope to help you.