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Tempered Glass Switch With The Traditional Switch Is Different

Jun 16, 2017

  Tempered glass switch with the traditional switch is different, tempered glass switch design concept is simple, stylish, beautiful, durable, safe.

  Tempered glass switch panel to join the high-grade organic steel explosion-proof glass, play a landscaping at the same time, but also to achieve a good fire effect.

  This glass is made of high-grade ultra-white electronic glass of the original film, processed by the steel technology, the glass mechanical strength greatly improved, all-tempered glass enhanced 3-5 times, broken pieces of granular debris is not easy to hurt, are safety glass, After cutting, grinding, steel deep processing, the products of high gloss, anti-scratch, wear-resistant, no deformation, no discoloration, repeated wipe like a new look neat and elegant.

  Tempered glass switch does not like the traditional switch, a long time, the surface grayish yellow, dirt is difficult to deal with. Is a high-end home decoration, luxury hotel decoration, the new commercial decoration of the essential goods.