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The Correct Wiring Method Of Engineering Switch Socket Can Prevent Fire

Oct 25, 2017

Safe electricity for our daily life is a matter of concern, the following to take the project wall switch to introduce you how the correct wiring can be done to prevent.

1, according to the total capacity of household appliances and the use of local to correct the choice of Engineering wall switch specifications, such as the kitchen to choose fire wall switch, and bathroom and bathroom to choose waterproof switch. If in some easy to burn, explode the occasion, must choose the fireproof explosion-proof switch socket.

2, the wall switch rated current and voltage to be in line with the actual electricity consumption, must not overload the work, otherwise it will cause the power overload to burn the shell caused by short circuit and other problems occurred.

3, if the use of a single control switch, it should be the FireWire and phase line control, can not receive the 0 line, otherwise there will be the danger of human shock, if the FireWire grounding, then there will be short circuit and even fire. Here to remind you. Select the project wall switch position, must not be installed in the humid place, otherwise there will be leakage of the danger of occurrence.