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The Difference Between The Speed Connection Terminal And The Screw Terminal Of The Wall Switch Socket

Oct 25, 2017

The difference between the speed connection terminal and the screw terminal of the wall switch socket

Wall switch socket terminals, there are two main types, is the screw terminal and the speed connection terminals, what is the difference between this terminal?

1, what is the speed Connection terminal, so-called Speed terminal, as the name implies, is to be able to fast wiring, just plug the wire head directly into the terminal can be. It can automatically grip the thread, pull without stripping. This wiring terminal, the operator has no technical requirements, ordinary electricians without electrical basis can also operate, and the wiring quality is no different.

2, what is the Screw terminal, screw terminal is the oldest and most commonly used wiring terminals, through the screw pressure to fix the wire head, the operator has a certain professional requirements, not only to ensure that the crimping thread is not loose, and can not pressure too large and damage the wire. The mastery of strength is the basic requirement of professional electrician.

3, the speed of the terminal and screw terminal which kind of good? Quick access terminals win in the wiring is simple, no professional requirements, and not easy to fall off, but the wires have requirements, more suitable for connecting hard wire, the effect of the cord is not the best, at the same time the cost is much higher than the screw terminal. Screw terminals are soft and hard lines are suitable for better grip, the technical requirements are not very high, at the same time low-cost, low price. Therefore, the screw terminal is still one of the most widely used wiring methods.