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The Internal Cleaning Of The Wall Switch Socket

Nov 01, 2017

Wall switch socket inside the clean-up, whether it is commonly used button switch or socket, the dust will pass through the cracks into the socket hole, and then stacked in the inside, after a long time, there will be a lot of security risks.

When we clean up, it is necessary to open the switch socket panel and box, is to clean the internal dust of the debris, so we have to close the gate, and then to open the lid, we use a small brush gently brush the wall switch socket Of the internal, you can also use the hair blowing inside to ensure that dust and debris are all cleared out. It is very necessary to clean up the wall switch socket.

According to the quality of copper to determine the home wall switch socket method is as follows:

1, see copper material: copper material is the main factor in determining the performance of copper, copper mainly before the main material, the best copper performance, followed by copper, brass worst. As the copper oxidation resistance has limitations, and now more copper alloy, copper and cadmium alloy, copper-nickel alloy, tin-copper alloy, the current performance is the best tin-phosphorus copper alloy.

2, to see the molding method: a shape of the copper plate is always better than the old riveted copper, high electrical conductivity. Because a forming copper sheet is always smaller than the riveting resistance, flexibility is better, so the safety factor and life longer.

3, see the thickness of copper: copper thickness to see the thicker the better, the better the better the life of the copper socket longer life.

4, see copper contact method: socket copper and plug conductive film contact there are two: point contact and face contact, face contact than point contact conductivity and safety is much higher, because Point contact is easy to produce sparks, and copper is easier to loose.

5, to see the length of copper: the same material in the case, the longer the longer the better copper tablets.