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Wall Switch How To Shop

Jan 21, 2017


Switched socket quality determine its safety, electrical safety has a direct impact on families. In the inferior wall switch often flaming flowers, electric shock and fire may occur. Therefore, the quality is very important, quality depends on what material it is made from, like Bull wall switch and socket shell, is the use of imported materials of PC material, not only sturdy and reliable, there is a flame-proof. PC switch panel material is recognized as one of the best in the industry, its flame retardancy, insulation, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, and so have compared to nylon 66 material has outstanding performance, such as in the past.


Switch socket industry big brand products do feature upgrades, some brands of wall switch has been achieved three mine-. Like a bull in some products not only has three major mine-also for children to design a double protection socket, which can effectively prevent electric shock accident of children, these two features to help ensure the safety of families.


In terms of product quality, price's case, which a long service life, which cost higher. Different brands of wall switch to use a different number, branded products use more frequently. The same price, and of course use more often, over time the cost will be higher.

Connection mode

There are screws line, double line, fast connection and screw-plate line in four ways.

The structure of science, advanced technology products, when its light texture, sounds very clear and sweet, uniform outlet plug power, absolutely useless brute force hard plug phenomenon. Can protect children, avoid low vision persons or in the light of the risk of electric shock.

Good outlet to have security doors, such as rotating shutter design, special single locking structure. So, be sure to watch Sockets security.

Structural process.

Try the switch spring is moderate, opening and closing panels vary not stopped somewhere in the middle of the switch button function.

1, surface technology, good product with smooth surface and a smooth, uniform color, texture, brand identity clear and full.

Screw a tight wire connection, suitable for different diameter parallel, electric and more used for traditional wiring, as most manufacturers use brand products to how to enhance the screws and wires the contact area and to some improvements in reducing damage wires, copper screw head is circular design, structure and take the screws off.

Quick connection is the use of multiple disc spring combinations of crimping, features quick construction, does not fear the line rotation, multiple lines to parallel.

2, material:

Brands should switch contact is made of silver alloy, phosphor bronze composite conductive bridge.

Product is the material most used nylon 66 color and flame retardant materials. Switch socket ABS do more general use in the part of newly developed housing is not suitable for home decoration. ABS with a certain degree of surface hardness, but poor impact resistance, flame retardancy, easily change color, used near the surface will appear yellow. Before the 90 's of the last century domestic switch and socket main material, mainly used in the production end of box. Is an integrated high performance engineering thermoplastics, with high strength, high toughness and high high heat resistance, flame retardant, high electrical insulation properties and advantages of UV-resistant, stable color does not change color, widely used in the automotive, electrical and electronics, construction, Office equipment, packaging, sports equipment, healthcare equipment, household appliances and other fields.