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Wall Switch Security

Jan 21, 2017

In the decoration of the room, use the wall switches, outlets, many dozens of poor wall switch arcing occurs soon, pose a security risk to our life.

When choosing a wall switch is necessary to pay attention to the following three aspects:

Appearance, observe the wall switches, outlets,

High quality Panel should adopt advanced plastic switches and Sockets product, material seem uniform, smooth surface texture. Panel materials with advanced PC material, its flame resistance, excellent insulation and impact resistance and material stability, not easy to change color.

Second, the internal structure of

Switch shall normally be made of pure silver contacts and made of silver-copper composite conductive sheet, this prevents the oxidation caused by ARC when open or close. High quality Panel of copper composite conductive bridge used nickel silver, silver material good electric, and the ability to suppress the arc of silver-nickel alloy is very strong and switch being adopted the brass screw wire, contact great and good, line capacity, stable and reliable connection.

C, selection of the protection door switch products

To check the wall switch or socket clamp fastening degree, plug power stable is a key factor. Also squashed the plug easy off, effectively reducing the power of non-human factors accidents. In addition to considering safety switches and Sockets, their designs are also concerned by more and more consumers, choice of colours with the wall color is close.

Correct and safe use of switch socket, switch socket fire precautions and avoid the occurrence of disasters. Switch socket used also potential security risks in the process.

Receive power from the electrical main switch, socket, so using very high frequency switches and Sockets. But if the selection of switches and Sockets, installed or used improperly, very easily lead to fire accidents. So do issues like fire prevention and rescue work is very important.

Switches, sockets, fire prevention measures include the following eight areas:

A, proper selection, which is based upon total volume of household appliances and the use of the environment, choose the appropriate switches and Sockets. Places of high humidity fire switch and pull-wire switches should be used; corrosive or dust large room is not available Setup switches, outlets, and should be installed in an outdoor; places have a fire and explosion danger, fire or explosion-proof switch and Sockets should be used;

B fuses that matches the knife switch should be used. Not allowed to arbitrarily change especially bold melt, but not allowed to replace fuse with metal such as copper, aluminum, iron;

C, switches, sockets, rated current and rated voltage should be consistent with the actual electricity. Cannot overload to avoid line overload burned bakelite cause a short circuit caused the fire;

D should control the fire, single-pole switch (phase) lines, is not in the zero line. Or human contact cable also may cause electric shock. Once the fire ground, short-circuited or even cause a fire;

E overload, lamp socket, prone to accidents. Therefore do not iron, furnaces, air conditioners and other high-power electrical appliances connected to the lamp socket, so as not to cause a fire;

F, go out, sleep or sudden power failure, to cut off the power supply in a timely manner, in particular electric appliances should pay more attention;

G, switch, socket should be installed in a dry, clean and dust-free location, so as not to damp corroded bakelite breakdown caused a short circuit and cause a fire;

H, switches, outlets, aging and damage should be repaired or replaced in a timely manner.

For you and your family happiness, please correct and safe use a switched outlet, to prevent accidents from happening!