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What Are The Wrong Operation Of The Wall Switch Socket That Can Cause A Fire Accident?

Nov 01, 2017

Wall switch socket in use, due to the following operations may lead to a fire accident:

1, when the household electrical appliances voltage and current overload, once the long-term use down, the temperature is too high will produce a fire.

2, in the installation of the wall switch socket is not correct, especially it will be installed on the combustible material, when the outer cable jacket is damaged, there will be water vapor into the inside, there is a short circuit or switch in the opening and closing When the spark will ignite the fuel, and finally cause a fire.

3, if the distribution board is not placed in the junction box, the fuse in the fuse when there will be a particularly hot metal particles fall, resulting in the combustion of combustibles below the fire.

4, if the family has combustible gas leakage, and mixed with the air to a certain extent, did not eliminate the arc device switch at this time opening and closing, it will cause a fire or even explosion.

Test the wall switch socket contact the specific steps:

1, the switch socket surface shape of the foot to manually open, quickly separate the shell and pin board, this time we must accurately record the location and direction of each contact piece, the contact has been injured to take off, replaced by a new Of the contact pieces.

2, if there is no suitable contact you need to try to modify, so that it reached the size of the original contact film size.

3, in accordance with the original look like a good switch, the use of multimeter detection switch in the end there is no complete connection, if there is no fault, you can put the switch socket installed back to the original circuit.